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The Acer C720 Is The Best Chromebook (for now).

After testing every Chromebook on the market we can say that most of them are not worth buying, but one of them did stand out to us.

Our favorite Chromebook is the $270 Acer C720-2844. With a Haswell processor and 4GB of RAM, it has enough oomph to show you the Internet without getting in your way, and enough battery power to go all day. Its keyboard, trackpad, display, and speakers are all good enough that they won't get in the way of you using the Internet, which is the only point of a Chromebook. The HP Chromebook 11 is beautiful and has a great screen, but its performance is too pokey. The HP Chromebook 14 and Toshiba Chromebook are too big, and their performance lags behind the 4GB Acer, because they only have 2GB of RAM. Samsung's old Chromebook is too old, and their new ones aren't out yet.


There are better-looking Chromebooks, and Chromebooks that are better at certain things than the Acer, but none of them has its all-around combination of performance and value.

For more on how we picked, and why we didn't pick the one you're about to ask about in the comments, check out our full guide.

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