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Cold? Here are the best space heaters

Record breaking low temperatures are hitting the country, and the bad news is that they'll last into next week and are just getting started. If your home's heating system isn't up to snuff (or, if non-existent—hello Californians!) we recommend you check out these two space heaters, which we selected after 20 hours of research and testing by a physics PhD.

The first one, by Delonghi, is for heating medium sized rooms and is quiet and safer than any other kind of space heater as it is oil filled and has no exposed elements. In testing, it had the right combination of heating ability over time and usability. The one we like is in and out of stock but if you can live with one without a timer, we suspect this one is ideal and will test it soon.


The second one, by Lasko, being small, fan driven and faster to warm up given its exposed heating elements, is better for aiming at your frozen toes while you sit at a desk.

For more on how we figured these picks out, check out our full guide.

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